Boyfriend And Girlfriend Quotes

100 Boyfriend And Girlfriend Quotes, Sayings, Images

My love for you knows no bunds
1. My Love For You Knows No Bunds

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Boyfriend And Girlfriend Quotes and Sayings Collection

Its crazy because i don't even
2. Its Crazy Because I Don’T Even

We come to love not by
3. We Come To Love Not By

I seem to have loved
4. I Seem To Have Loved

Im nobody's second choice you
5. Im Nobody’S Second Choice You

All Love that has not friendship in it's base
6. All Love That Has Not Friendship In It’S Base

120 cute girlfrinds
7. 120 Cute Girlfrinds

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I just want to lay on
8. I Just Want To Lay On

The way he looks at you
9. The Way He Looks At You

Relationship don't need
10. Relationship Don’T Need

A real boyfriend and
11. A Real Boyfriend And

Ever since me met i've
12. Ever Since Me Met I’Ve

You make me laugh you
13. Ou Make Me Laugh You

Go for someone whose
14. Go For Someone Whose

The best feeling in the word is when you look at that
15. The Best Feeling In The Word Is When You Look At That

You make me complete you
16. You Make Me Complete You

Never make yourself feel like
17. Never Make Yourself Feel Like

Give her one of your
18. Give Her One Of Your

You make me feel beautiful
19. You Make Me Feel Beautiful

I can't wait till we're living
20. I Can’T Wait Till We’Re Living

1 Universe 9 planets 204 countries
21. 1 Universe 9 Planets 204 Countries

Ha you don't understand
22. Ha You Don’T Understand

And someitimes if you're really
23. And Someitimes If You’Re Really

Do me a favor and get in my
24. Do Me A Favor And Get In My

It's funny how just the
25. It’S Funny How Just The

Sometimes i look at you and i wonder how i got to be
26. Sometimes I Look At You And I Wonder How I Got To Be

When guys get jealous it's actually kinda
27. When Guys Get Jealous It’S Actually Kinda

Boy I saw her today
28. Boy I Saw Her Today

Somewhere between all our
29. Somewhere Between All Our

The very last person you think
30. The Very Last Person You Think

100 Boyfriend And Girlfriend Quotes, Sayings, Images

Love doesn't make the
31. Love Doesn’T Make The

Relationships it's more than just
32. Relationships It’S More Than Just

Brother hey dad i got
33. Brother Hey Dad I Got

Every Girl deserves a guy that could make
34. Every Girl Deserves A Guy That Could Make

Girl I hate it when
35. Girl I Hate It When

I'm so happy to have you in my life please don't
36. I’M So Happy To Have You In My Life Please Don’T

Girls are sensitive they overthink
37. Girls Are Sensitive They Overthink

And even after all we've
38. And Even After All We’Ve

And then you came along
39. And Then You Came Along

Soemwhere between all our laughs
40. Soemwhere Between All Our Laughs

There are alot of people who
41. There Are Alot Of People Who

When a girl is in love
42. When A Girl Is In Love

I just want someone who won't get
43. I Just Want Someone Who Won’T Get

My boyfriend has an awesome
44. My Boyfriend Has An Awesome

When a girl thinks of her future with her
45. When A Girl Thinks Of Her Future With Her

You just put your arms around me
46. You Just Put Your Arms Around Me

I am i am a daughter
47. I Am I Am A Daughter

Sometimes i look at you and wonder how you can be so cute
48. Sometimes I Look At You And Wonder How You Can Be So Cute

A real boyfriend call you
49. A Real Boyfriend Call You

Treat me like a
50. Treat Me Like A

hey remember that sweetshirt
51. Hey Remember That Sweetshirt

Every girl has her best friend and
52. Every Girl Has Her Best Friend And

A good boyfrind tells other girls
53. A Good Boyfrind Tells Other Girls

All i have to do is think of you and it
54. All I Have To Do Is Think Of You And It

Boyfriend & Girlfriend Quotes

WE may always fight about
55. WE May Always Fight About

Aye she's mine aye he's
56. Aye She’S Mine Aye He’S

You'r my love my frind
57. You’R My Love My Frind

Hey gues what what luh
58. Hey Gues What What Luh

My favorite part of the day
59. My Favorite Part Of The Day

From the first day i saw
60. From The First Day I Saw

I will be strong for you
61. I Will Be Strong For You

Real boyfriend loves his girl with
62. Real Boyfriend Loves His Girl With

I love you and its not
63. I Love You And Its Not

I will always have this impossible little
64. I Will Always Have This Impossible Little

I choose you and i'll choose you
65. I Choose You And I’Ll Choose You

You fall in love with the most
66. You Fall In Love With The Most

When poeple see you lying
67. When Poeple See You Lying

Best relationship advice
68. Best Relationship Advice

You're kinda sorta
69. You’Re Kinda Sorta

I fell in love with you
70. I Fell In Love With You

No words can explain how i feel
71. No Words Can Explain How I Feel

I wanna be the girl he
72. I Wanna Be The Girl He

I saw you today and your
73. I Saw You Today And Your

A good boyfriend loves his
74. A Good Boyfriend Loves His

I wanna be the girl he gives his hoodie
75. I Wanna Be The Girl He Gives His Hoodie

I love my crazy goofy
76. I Love My Crazy Goofy

If we date if you need me call me
77. If We Date If You Need Me Call Me

When i tell you i love you
78. When I Tell You I Love You

Break up if he broke up with you
79. Break Up If He Broke Up With You

You will foreve be my always
80. You Will Forever Be My Always

Boyfriend And Girlfriend Quotes

The best feelings in teh world is when the
81. The Best Feelings In Teh World Is When The

Dear boyfrind i just wanted to tell yo0u
82. Dear Boyfrind I Just Wanted To Tell Yo0u

i can't wait till We're living (2)
83. I Can’T Wait Till We’Re Living

I will always have this impossible
84. I Will Always Have This Impossible

Boy And girl i was her today
85. Boy And Girl I Was Her Today

I love my crazy goofy sometimes
86. I Love My Crazy Goofy Sometimes

Boys who smile when you two
87. Boys Who Smile When You Two

You're not an option you're
88. You’Re Not An Option You’Re

I fell in love with
89. I Fell In Love With

Because you're the kind of guy
90. Because You’Re The Kind Of Guy

When a girl think of her
91. When A Girl Think Of Her

Boyfriend And Girlfriend Quotes Kissing burnss 6.4 calories a minute wanna work out
92. Kissing Burnss 6.4 Calories A Minute Wanna Work Out

A relationship is similar to building a
93. A Relationship Is Similar To Building A

our hand fits in my
94. Our Hand Fits In My

I could hug you for hours
95. I Could Hug You For Hours

Love is friendship set ablaze in a raging fire so that it burns brighter
96. Love Is Friendship Set Ablaze In A Raging Fire So That It Burns Brighter

yeah i know he's cute but he's mine touch him and i'll kill you
97. Yeah I Know He’S Cute But He’S Mine Touch Him And I’Ll Kill You

Cheating on you woman is fouler than
98. Cheating On You Woman Is Fouler Than

Negligence slowly kills a relationship
99. Negligence Slowly Kills A Relationship

It is man's duty to make his girl safe
100. It Is Man’S Duty To Make His Girl Safe

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