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Keep calm and convention on grow

1. Keep Calm And Convention On Grow

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the ffa motto learning to do doing to learn earning to live living to serve
2. The Ffa Motto Learning To Do Doing To Learn Earning To Live Living To Serve

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agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth good morals and happiness
3. Agriculture Is Our Wisest Pursuit Because It Will In The End Contribute Most To Real Wealth Good Morals And Happiness

the front of your jacket says who you are the back say where you are from
4. The Front Of Your Jacket Says Who You Are The Back Say Where You Are From

Only blue will do
5. Only Blue Will Do

tuck in your tally wacker
6. Tuck In Your Tally Wacker

always give 110% it's the extra 10 % that everyone remembers
7. Always Give 110% It’S The Extra 10 % That Everyone Remembers

true heroism is not the urge to surpass others at whatever cost but the urge to serve others at
8. True Heroism Is Not The Urge To Surpass Others At Whatever Cost But The Urge To Serve Others At

don't look down on anyone unless you are helping them up
9. Don’T Look Down On Anyone Unless You Are Helping Them Up

you know you're an ffa member when boys in official dress melt your heart
10. You Know You’Re An Ffa Member When Boys In Official Dress Melt Your Heart

on a mission to protect the tradition
11. On A Mission To Protect The Tradition

discipline is doing what you know needs to be done even though you don't want to
12. Discipline Is Doing What You Know Needs To Be Done Even Though You Don’T Want To

ffa jacket definition a blue coduroy outer garmet a symbol of leadership typically found on the backs
13. Ffa Jacket Definition A Blue Corduroy Outer Garment A Symbol Of Leadership Typically Found On The Backs

You might outgrow the jacket but you'll never outgrow the experience
14. You Might Outgrow The Jacket But You’Ll Never Outgrow The Experience

ffa mily
15. Ffa Mily

if you don't like something change it if you can't change it change your attitude
16. If You Don’T Like Something Change It If You Can’T Change It Change Your Attitude

bleed gold
17. Bleed Gold

some people dream of success we work hard to achieve it
18. Some People Dream Of Success We Work Hard To Achieve It

learning to do doing to learn earning to live living to serve
19. Learning To Do Doing To Learn Earning To Live Living To Serve

keep calm and love ffa boys
20. Keep Calm And Love Ffa Boys

the farmer in all of us
21. The Farmer In All Of Us

we didn't invent corduroy we just make it look good
22. We Didn’T Invent Corduroy We Just Make It Look Good

van trips early morning at the barn fruit sales
23. Van Trips Early Morning At The Barn Fruit Sales

forever blue chapter activities national convention chapter
24. Forever Blue Chapter Activities National Convention Chapter

i believe that American agriculture
25. I Believe That American Agriculture

FFA Quotes ffa makes a positive difference in the lives of students
26. Ffa Makes A Positive Difference In The Lives Of Students

it's not all cows plows ffa FFA Quotes
27. It’S Not All Cows Plows FFA Quotes

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