Men Crush Monday Quotes

30 Trendy Men Crush Monday Quotes & Sayings

it so easy to forget the many women wh live in

1. It So Easy To Forget The Many Women Wh Live In

Wonderful Men Crush Monday Quotes And Sayings Collection

i just woke up i hade a nightmare i feel so tired it was
2. I Just Woke Up I Hade A Nightmare I Feel So Tired It Was

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after you've been talking for a while
3. After You’Ve Been Talking For A While

lets just take a minute to thank god for how damn fine Paul Wesley is
4. Lets Just Take A Minute To Thank God For How Damn Fine Paul Wesley Is

When you mcm is your in real life
5. When You Mcm Is Your In Real Life

real bitches be like mcm
6. Real Bitches Be Like Mcm

CHICKS mcm chick baby dady
7. CHICKS Mcm Chick Baby Dady

i would post my mcm but the way you hoes is set up im straight just know he fine tho
8. I Would Post My Mcm But The Way You Hoes Is Set Up Im Straight Just Know He Fine Tho

the truth i like you a lot you make me happy. you make me laugh. you're smart you're different you're a little crazy and awkward and your smile alone can make my day
9. The Truth I Like You A Lot You Make Me Happy. You Make Me Laugh. You’Re Smart You’Re Different You’Re A Little Crazy And Awkward And Your Smile Alone Can Make My Day

mind I’m worried heart just relax mind but I’m totally lost now heart just follow me mind but, you've never been
10. Mind I’m Worried Heart Just Relax Mind But I’m Totally Lost Now Heart Just Follow Me Mind But, You’Ve Never Been

a real man is honest takes care of his kids gives his seat for a woman tells the worst truth
11. A Real Man Is Honest Takes Care Of His Kids Gives His Seat For A Woman Tells The Worst Truth

i would post my mcm but the way you hoes is set up
12. I Would Post My Mcm But The Way You Hoes Is Set Up

forget man crush monday throwback thursday some folks just need mind your business
13. Forget Man Crush Monday Throwback Thursday Some Folks Just Need Mind Your Business

You're my man crush money
14. You’Re My Man Crush Money

found this picture in playgirl magazine
15. Found This Picture In Playgirl Magazine

Catchy Men Crush Monday Quotes

i fell in love with you because of the million things you never
16. I Fell In Love With You Because Of The Million Things You Never

from the moment we started talking i knew that i wanted you around
17. From The Moment We Started Talking I Knew That I Wanted You Around

would post my mcm it nahhhh the way you girls are set
18. Would Post My Mcm It Nahhhh The Way You Girls Are Set

you mcm still puts his finger under the words when he reads a book
19. You Mcm Still Puts His Finger Under The Words When He Reads A Book

oh what a surprise your man crush money is your boyfriend again well excuse me
20. Oh What A Surprise Your Man Crush Money Is Your Boyfriend Again Well Excuse Me

I’m sorry that your man crush monday is my throw back thursday
21. I’m Sorry That Your Man Crush Monday Is My Throw Back Thursday

forget man crush monday throwback thursday some folks
22. Forget Man Crush Monday Throwback Thursday Some Folks

i would put a picture of my man crush monday but you bitches would be so jealous
23. I Would Put A Picture Of My Man Crush Monday But You Bitches Would Be So Jealous

the perfect guy is not the one who has the most money or the most
24. The Perfect Guy Is Not The One Who Has The Most Money Or The Most

our love is so cute that it annoys people
25. Our Love Is So Cute That It Annoys People

men striation men opuses men tal break downs notice how all of women’s
26. Men Striation Men Opuses Men Tal Break Downs Notice How All Of Women’s

you can close your eyes to the things you don't want
27. You Can Close Your Eyes To The Things You Don’T Want

you're my man crush monday
28. You’Re My Man Crush Monday

man crush monday
29. Man Crush Monday

men crush monday quotes
30. Men Crush Monday Quotes

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