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women don't handle break ups on social media the same as men

1. Women Don’T Handle Break Ups On Social Media The Same As Men

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success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses success
2. Success Occurs When Your Dreams Get Bigger Than Your Excuses Success

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your mcm makes it rain in the club on Saturday then get
3. Your Mcm Makes It Rain In The Club On Saturday Then Get

in the end you'll know which people really love you
4. In The End You’Ll Know Which People Really Love You

5. When Your Mcm Is Your In Real Life

if my boyfriend yo mcm i'll see you on tear that ass up tuesday
6. If My Boyfriend Yo Mcm I’Ll See You On Tear That Ass Up Tuesday

when you post your mcm an he call you tell you to take it down
7. When You Post Your Mcm An He Call You Tell You To Take It Down

8. Mcm Man Crush Monday Has Been Changed To Mcm

i would post my mcm but he's acting up maybe next week
9. I Would Post My Mcm But He’S Acting Up Maybe Next Week

i would post my mcm but the way you hoes is set up
10. I Would Post My Mcm But The Way You Hoes Is Set Up

nagtataka ka ba kung batik ako kakaiba dahil iyon sa ayaw kong maging tulad ng
11. Nagtataka Ka Ba Kung Batik Ako Kakaiba Dahil Iyon Sa Ayaw Kong Maging Tulad Ng

mcm in my bag full of them bands full of them bands
12. Mcm In My Bag Full Of Them Bands Full Of Them Bands

don't be impressed by money followers degrees and titles be impressed by kindness
13. Don’T Be Impressed By Money Followers Degrees And Titles Be Impressed By Kindness

mcm man crush monday has been changed to mcm (2)
14. Mcm Man Crush Monday Has Been Changed To Mcm

he's annoying he's hilarious he makes me yell he drives me crazy he's
15. He’S Annoying He’S Hilarious He Makes Me Yell He Drives Me Crazy He’S

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when two people about each other they always find a way to make it work no matter how
16. When Two People About Each Other They Always Find A Way To Make It Work No Matter How

i fell in love with you because of the million
17. I Fell In Love With You Because Of The Million

true love doesn't means being inseparable it means being
18. True Love Doesn’T Means Being Inseparable It Means Being

i still repeat the things you said to me in my
19. I Still Repeat The Things You Said To Me In My

max in the mcm nap sack
20. Max In The Mcm Nap Sack

my favorite place is inside your hug
21. My Favorite Place Is Inside Your Hug

when you post him as your mcm and he blocks you
22. When You Post Him As Your Mcm And He Blocks You

one day someone will walk into your life then you realize love was always
23. One Day Someone Will Walk Into Your Life Then You Realize Love Was Always

Same man crush monday every monday ya feel me
24. Same Man Crush Monday Every Monday Ya Feel Me

i would post my mcm but the way you hoes set up im good he fine though
25. I Would Post My Mcm But The Way You Hoes Set Up I’m Good He Fine Though

kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute wanna workout
26. Kissing Burns 6.4 Calories A Minute Wanna Workout

i bet that bitch wont' post nothing monday
27. I Bet That Bitch Wont’ Post Nothing Monday

I’m not saying that i think of you constantly
28. I’m Not Saying That I Think Of You Constantly

man crush monday
29. Man Crush Monday

he's my mcm
30. He’S My Mcm

MCM Quotes and i think i m gonna love you for a long long time
31. And I Think I M Gonna Love You For A Long Time

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