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They call us dreams

1. They Call Us Dreams

Awesome Boss Lady Quotes and Sayings

Boss lady a successful independent woman who know
2. Boss Lady A Successful Independent Woman Who Know

Act like a lady think like a boss
3. Act Like A Lady Think Like A Boss

Inspirational quotes
4. Inspirational Quotes

Boss Lady
5. Boss Lady

Alpha female is not an
6. Alpha Female Is Not An

Evaluate the people in your life
7. Evaluate The People In Your Life

No matter what be a lady
8. No Matter What Be A Lady

You can have a million dollar
9. You Can Have A Million Dollar

Honey boss ladies kick ass
10. Honey Boss Ladies Kick Ass

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You live you learn
11. You Live You Learn

No excuses No complaints
12. No Excuses No Complaints

Its always good day to get cute
13. Its Always Good Day To Get Cute

Boss bitch a successful
14. Boss Bitch A Successful

Coffee in one hand designer bag
15. Coffee In One Hand Designer Bag

Be a boss date a boss
16. Be A Boss Date A Boss

One day You're
17. One Day You’Re

There are only 2 options
18. There Are Only 2 Options

Beauty is nothing wihtout
19. Beauty Is Nothing Wihtout

Money only impresses
20. Money Only Impresses

Today i woke up with
21. Today I Woke Up With

Sometimes the king is a woman
22. Sometimes The King Is A Woman

A woman who looks and
23. A Woman Who Looks And

Yeah i wear lots of makeup and love
24. Yeah I Wear Lots Of Makeup And Love

Boss lady Quotes
25. Boss Lady Quotes

I surround myself with
26. I Surround Myself With

Good things come to those who
27. Good Things Come To Those Who

I want every little girl who's
28. I Want Every Little Girl Who’S

You cannot act like flip
29. You Cannot Act Like Flip

Today be responsible
30. Today Be Responsible

Do work that fuels your soul
31. Do Work That Fuels Your Soul

I've made my sacrifices
32. I’Ve Made My Sacrifices

The first step toward getting
33. The First Step Toward Getting

Work until you no longer
34. Work Until You No Longer

Strive for progress not
35. Strive For Progress Not

Boss lady is
36. Boss Lady Is

I would Quit but you see the way my ambition
37. I Would Quit But You See The Way My Ambition

I'm the boss of my own shit
38. I’M The Boss Of My Own Shit

Surround yourself with poeple who are only
39. Surround Yourself With Poeple Who Are Only

Pumpkin spice lattes
40. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Do it with passion or not at all
41. Do It With Passion Or Not At All

Dress how you want to be addressed
42. Dress How You Want To Be Addressed

Ridiculously awesome things come to women who
43. Ridiculously Awesome Things Come To Women Who

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Be somebody nobody
44. Be Somebody Nobody

Believe in your brand
45. Believe In Your Brand

Of course i don't
46. Of Course I Don’T

Call me boss lady
47. Call Me Boss Lady

She's got that whole
48. She’S Got That Whole

Boss bitch never let being
49. Boss Bitch Never Let Being

Never announce your moves
50. Never Announce Your Moves

Behind every successful woman
51. Behind Every Successful Woman

Kind heart fierce mind brave
52. Kind Heart Fierce Mind Brave

She has that girl boss hustle
53. She Has That Girl Boss Hustle

Boss lady quotes (2)
54. Boss Lady Quotes

Act like a lady thing like
55. Act Like A Lady Thing Like

Hustle until your haters
56. Hustle Until Your Haters

Boss don't play hard to
57. Boss Don’T Play Hard To

Slay them with success
58. Slay Them With Success

I'm building a brad i'm always busy
59. I’M Building A Brad I’M Always Busy

I just love bossy women
60. I Just Love Bossy Women

Refuse to accept anyones definition of
61. Refuse To Accept Anyones Definition Of

Honestlyy some day i don't
62. Honestlyy Some Day I Don’T

IF you don't like me still
63. IF You Don’T Like Me Still

Your vise attracts your
64. Your Vise Attracts Your

Confidence is more than a way
65. Confidence Is More Than A Way

Built on self success boss
66. Built On Self Success Boss

She's not afraid
67. She’S Not Afraid

Punch fear in the face
68. Punch Fear In The Face

Chase your dreams in high heels
69. Chase Your Dreams In High Heels

If you don't want a
70. If You Don’T Want A

God Goals Grind
71. God Goals Grind

He asked me what's
72. He Asked Me What’S

Built on self successful
73. Built On Self Successful

Two thing define you your
74. Two Thing Define You Your

Thou shalt get her own money
75. Thou Shalt Get Her Own Money

Some of you are focused on finding
76. Some Of You Are Focused On Finding

True confidence leaves no room for
77. True Confidence Leaves No Room For

Work out study prosper
78. Work Out Study Prosper

A woman who is
79. A Woman Who Is

Spoil me withy loyalty
80. Spoil Me Withy Loyalty

I refuse to be anything
81. I Refuse To Be Anything

A girl knows her limits
82. A Girl Knows Her Limits

Act like a lady think
83. Act Like A Lady Think

I am working on learning how
84. I Am Working On Learning How

You're the boss
85. You’Re The Boss

Be the kind of woman
86. Be The Kind Of Woman


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