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Live in the moment
1. Live In The Moment

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Life Quotes And Sayings Collection

No matter how good or bad you think life
2. No Matter How Good Or Bad You Think Life
To be happy you must follow
3. To Be Happy You Must Follow
Life is about trusting our feeling
4. Life Is About Trusting Our Feeling
When you arise in the morning
5. When You Arise In The Morning
The most important things
6. The Most Important Things
Life is not measured by the breaths we
7. Life Is Not Measured By The Breaths We
It's funny how somone who was just
8. It’S Funny How Somone Who Was Just
I am too positive to be doubtful
9. I Am Too Positive To Be Doubtful
Two hardest test in life; the patience to wait for the
10. Two Hardest Test In Life; The Patience To Wait For The

This is your life do what you love
11. This Is Your Life Do What You Love
Never reply when you are angry
12. Never Reply When You Are Angry
Dear God Thangs for this
13. Dear God Thangs For This
My perfect day has nothing to do
14. My Perfect Day Has Nothing To Do
Don't trust too much don't love too
15. Don’T Trust Too Much Don’T Love Too
Forget the day's troubles
16. Forget The Day’S Troubles
It's sad when people you know
17. It’S Sad When People You Know
Every struggle in your life has shaped
18. Every Struggle In Your Life Has Shaped
I love the ones who are in my
19. I Love The Ones Who Are In My
Accept what's happening in life right now,
20. Accept What’S Happening In Life Right Now

Its not always about trying to fix something
21. Its Not Always About Trying To Fix Something
When something bad happens
22. When Something Bad Happens
I will breathe. i will think of soulutions..
23. I Will Breathe. I Will Think Of Soulutions
Past is a waste paper
24. Past Is A Waste Paper
I'm hurt, i'm alone
25. I’M Hurt, I’M Alone
Never leave something good to find
26. Never Leave Something Good To Find
What is life they say it's
27. What Is Life They Say It’S
I don't want a relationship that's serious all the
28. I Don’T Want A Relationship That’S Serious All The
Of course life is a bitch.
29. Of Course Life Is A Bitch.
Never tell your problems to anyone.
30. Never Tell Your Problems To Anyone

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When you are happy
31. When You Are Happy
Family isn't always blood.
32. Family Isn’T Always Blood.
The truth i like you.
33. The Truth I Like You.
Go ahead. judge me.
34. Go Ahead. Judge Me.
Always Believe something
35. Always Believe Something
When i'm bored, i send a text to a random
36. When I’M Bored, I Send A Text To A Random
When looking back doesn't interest
37. When Looking Back Doesn’T Interest
Lesson in life a wise man sat in the
38. Lesson In Life A Wise Man Sat In The
i stopped explaining myself when
39. I Stopped Explaining Myself When
Work hard in silence.
40. Work Hard In Silence.

Happiness is a choice, not a result
41. Happiness Is A Choice, Not A Result
Never get so busy making a living
42. Never Get So Busy Making A Living
You are amazing you are
43. You Are Amazing You Are
You never really stop loving someone
44. You Never Really Stop Loving Someone
Short for the moon even
45. Short For The Moon Even
You can't always get what
46. You Can’T Always Get What
Don't worry about walking
47. Don’T Worry About Walking
Disappointments are just god's way of
48. Disappointments Are Just God’S Way Of
She's hurt, mentally and emotionally
49. She’S Hurt, Mentally And Emotionally
Every day may not be good
50. Every Day May Not Be Good

Don't Change Youself to win someone's
51. Don’T Change Youself To Win Someone’S
You've gotta dance like there's nobody
52. You’Ve Gotta Dance Like There’S Nobody
Life does not get easier you just get stronger
53. Life Does Not Get Easier You Just Get Stronger
If i could show you how awful
54. If I Could Show You How Awful
I hate when people see me at the
55. I Hate When People See Me At The
We take photos as a return
56. We Take Photos As A Return
You are the antibodies kicking in as
57. You Are The Antibodies Kicking In As
What is a friend a friend is someone
58. What Is A Friend A Friend Is Someone
You should never regret anything
59. You Should Never Regret Anything
Strenght Grows in the moments
60. Strenght Grows In The Moments

Seven Crappy Hours of our life
61. Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Life
We fear rejection, want attention
62. We Fear Rejection, Want Attention

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You'll never be brave if you don't
63. You’Ll Never Be Brave If You Don’T
You know my name, not my story.
64. You Know My Name, Not My Story
I'm not even upset, hurt
65. I’M Not Even Upset, Hurt
My words will either attract
66. My Words Will Either Attract
Stay aways from people who can't take
67. Stay Aways From People Who Can’T Take
Sometimes i wish i could just fast
68. Sometimes I Wish I Could Just Fast
There comes a time when you
69. There Comes A Time When You
Life is short break the rules
70. Life Is Short Break The Rules

Some days you just have to create
71. Some Days You Just Have To Create
Life is tough, my darling
72. Life Is Tough, My Darling
The women i love and admire for their strength
73. The Women I Love And Admire For Their Strength
Life asked death why do people love me
74. Life Asked Death Why Do People Love Me
Live the you love love the life you live
75. Live The You Love Love The Life You Live
Have more than you show.
76. Have More Than You Show.
Don't forget to smile
77. Don’T Forget To Smile
What i've learned
78. What I’Ve Learned
La vita e bella
79. La Vita E Bella
Play the moments pause the memories
80. Play The Moments Pause The Memories

The older you get The more you
81. The Older You Get The More You
I'm a simple person
82. I’M A Simple Person
What screws us up most in life
83. What Screws Us Up Most In Life
It takes a minute to have a crush Life Quotes And Sayings
84. It Takes A Minute To Have A Crush
12 Life quotes Life Quotes And Sayings
85. 12 Life Quotes
one day or day one.
86. One Day Or Day One.
we mature with damage
87. We Mature With Damage

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