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With the new day comes new strength

1. With The New Day Comes New Strength

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Before alice got to wonderland she had to fall
2. Before Alice Got To Wonderland She Had To Fall

Being positive in a negative
3. Being Positive In A Negative

4. Qotd

There will always be someone who can't
5. There Will Always Be Someone Who Can’t

Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever
6. Mothers Hold Their Children’S Hands For A Short While, But Their Hearts Forever

I forgive people but that doesn't mean
7. I Forgive People But That Doesn’t Mean

Another day another blessing
8. Another Day Another Blessing

A day without sunshine is like you know
9. A Day Without Sunshine Is Like You Know

Sometimes you win sometimes
10. Sometimes You Win Sometimes

It is the soothing thing about
11. It Is The Soothing Thing About

A true hero isn't measured by the size
12. A True Hero Isn’t Measured By The Size

Fear has two meanings
13. Fear Has Two Meanings

Your vibe attracts your tribe
14. Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

I can live for two months on
15. I Can Live For Two Months On

There ar people in you life whom
16. There Ar People In You Life Whom

Don't ask what the meaning of like is
17. Don’t Ask What The Meaning Of Like Is

There can be no positive result though
18. There Can Be No Positive Result Though

Do things with passion or not at all.
19. Do Things With Passion Or Not At All

When someone says you've changed
20. When Someone Says You’ve Changed

Be the kind of woman that when
21. Be The Kind Of Woman That When

The only thing that overcomes
22. The Only Thing That Overcomes

There are some people who
23. There Are Some People Who

The goal of education is the advancement
24. The Goal Of Education Is The Advancement

Only i can change my life
25. Only I Can Change My Life

There are two great days in a
26. There Are Two Great Days In A

An appearser in one who feeds a crocodile
27. An Appearser In One Who Feeds A Crocodile

Stop planting flowers in
28. Stop Planting Flowers In

Obstacles cannot crush me.
29. Obstacles Cannot Crush Me

You have brains in you head
30. You Have Brains In You Head

Quote For The Day Images

A diamond is a chunk
31. A Diamond Is A Chunk

In three words i can sum up
32. In Three Words I Can Sum Up

As you start & end your day. be thankful
33. As You Start &Amp; End Your Day. Be Thankful

Every day may not be good
34. Every Day May Not Be Good

Silence is one of the hardest arguments
35. Silence Is One Of The Hardest Arguments

No one wants advice only
36. No One Wants Advice Only

Start everyday with new hope
37. Start Everyday With New Hope

Talk low, talk slow and don't
38. Talk Low, Talk Slow And Don’t

Life is tough my darling but so
39. Life Is Tough My Darling But So

Don't tell people your dreams
40. Don’t Tell People Your Dreams

I won't do it i can't do it
41. I Won’t Do It I Can’T Do It

When someone loves you. the way
42. When Someone Loves You. The Way

Good things come to those who believe
43. Good Things Come To Those Who Believe

Nice Quote For The Day
44. Nice Quote For The Day

Quote king
45. Quote King

Karma cleanse be grateful act with
46. Karma Cleanse Be Grateful Act With

Just because you took longer than others
47. Just Because You Took Longer Than Others

Sometimes the smallest things take up
48. Sometimes The Smallest Things Take Up

Apologies don't mean anything
49. Apologies Don’t Mean Anything

Rise up start fresh see the bright
50. Rise Up Start Fresh See The Bright

It's a beautiful thing when a career
51. It’s A Beautiful Thing When A Career

When you know better you do
52. When You Know Better You Do

Sometimes you will never know the
53. Sometimes You Will Never Know The

It is never too late to be what
54. It Is Never Too Late To Be What

Never wrestle with pigs. you both get
55. Never Wrestle With Pigs. You Both Get

Let us realize that the
56. Let Us Realize That The

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement
57. Optimism Is The Faith That Leads To Achievement

A goal should scare you a lttle,
58. A Goal Should Scare You A Lttle

Always end the day with a
59. Always End The Day With A

We rise by lifting
60. We Rise By Lifting

Quote For The Day Pictures

Never apologize for saying what
61. Never Apologize For Saying What

People who are well liked
62. People Who Are Well Liked

If life was easy where would
63. If Life Was Easy Where Would

You're not going to master the rest
64. You’re Not Going To Master The Rest

And if i asked you to name
65. And If I Asked You To Name

Happiness isn't getting all you want
66. Happiness Isn’t Getting All You Want

Don't be afraid to start over.
67. Don’T Be Afraid To Start Over

Just remember even your worst
68. Just Remember Even Your Worst

Don't allow someone to make you
69. Don’t Allow Someone To Make You

Be who you are & say what
70. Be Who You Are &Amp; Say What

Happy day slow down say think
71. Happy Day Slow Down Say Think

Find someone who knows that
72. Find Someone Who Knows That

People will forget what you sad people will forget what you did
73. People Will Forget What You Sad People Will Forget What You Did

In the midst of movement and
74. In The Midst Of Movement And

Be being yourself you put something
75. Be Being Yourself You Put Something

Sometimes, not saying anything is the
76. Sometimes, Not Saying Anything Is The

Be happy it drives people crazy
77. Be Happy It Drives People Crazy

Why have a bad day when you can
78. Why Have A Bad Day When You Can

Owning a mistake is greater than
79. Owning A Mistake Is Greater Than

Good morning let's create
80. Good Morning Let’S Create

Tell a lie once and all your
81. Tell A Lie Once And All Your

Whatever we plant in our
82. Whatever We Plant In Our

In life, don't expect anything
83. In Life, Don’t Expect Anything

When a new day begins
84. When A New Day Begins

When you can't change the direction
85. When You Can’t Change The Direction

It is not because things are
86. It Is Not Because Things Are

Everything you want should be
87. Everything You Want Should Be

Dads are most ordinary men
88. Dads Are Most Ordinary Men

If you want something you've never
89. If You Want Something You’ve Never

Don't say you don't have enough time Quote For The Day
90. Don’t Say You Don’t Have Enough Time

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