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94 Big Girl Quotes, Sayings and Quotations Collection

Big beautifl confident secure im
1. Big Beautiful Confident Secure Im

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Big Girl Quotes and Sayings Collection

I get told im pretty
2. I Get Told Im Pretty

I'm not fat god loves me so much
3. I’m Not Fat God Loves Me So Much

Im a bif girl in a bif
4. Im A Bif Girl In A Bif

Pardon me for showing
5. Pardon Me For Showing

Put on your big girl
6. Put On Your Big Girl

Im not only putting on my big girl
7. Im Not Only Putting On My Big Girl

I am big and beautiful
8. I Am Big And Beautiful

Volleyball anchored me at a time
9. Volleyball Anchored Me At A Time

Ive pulled up my big girl panties so
10. Ive Pulled Up My Big Girl Panties So

You wouldn't want
11. You Wouldn’t Want

That think you're ugly because you're
12. That Think You’re Ugly Because You’re

When you're a big girl like me
13. When You’re A Big Girl Like Me

If you can't fly with the big girls stay of
14. You Can’t Fly With The Big Girls Stay Of

Im a big girl with a big heart and
15. Im A Big Girl With A Big Heart And

If size doesn't matter when it
16. If Size Doesn’t Matter When It

I love when i see a plus
17. I Love When I See A Plus

Im not fat i m big boned
18. Im Not Fat I M Big Boned

To my big girls if you've
19. To My Big Girls If You’ve

i touch the sky when my
20. I Touch The Sky When My

Girl are like coundty roads
21. Girl Are Like Coundty Roads

Im tired of hearing there's
22. Im Tired Of Hearing There’s

Sometimes you just have to
23. Sometimes You Just Have To

Keep calm and love thick
24. Keep Calm And Love Thick

There is no such thing as fat girl every
25. There Is No Such Thing As Fat Girl Every

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Hurt me with the truth but
26. Hurt Me With The Truth But

Her curves aren't curse her body
27. Her Curves Aren’t Curse Her Body

Life is going to get hard sometimes
28. Life Is Going To Get Hard Sometimes

Respect yourself enough to walk
29. Respect Yourself Enough To Walk

Im just a girl i love being
30. Im Just A Girl I Love Being

Keep calm and love a big
31. Keep Calm And Love A Big

Im not only putting on my
32. Im Not Only Putting On My

94 Big Girl Quotes, Sayings and Quotations Collection

Im not pretty for a big girl
33. Im Not Pretty For A Big Girl

Pour yourself a drink put on some
34. Pour Yourself A Drink Put On Some

Im not only putting on my big
35. Im Not Only Putting On My Big

Im a big girl with a bid heart an even
36. Im A Big Girl With A Bid Heart An Even

Real men love curvy women
37. Real Men Love Curvy Women

I will put on my big girl panties
38. I Will Put On My Big Girl Panties

She's a big girl shes' tall and very very strong
39. She’s A Big Girl Shes

Keep calm and put your big girl
40. Keep Calm And Put Your Big Girl

Fat girls stop bullying the best billboards
41. Fat Girls Stop Bullying The Best Billboards

i am pretty and intelligent but not a size 2
42. I Am Pretty And Intelligent But Not A Size 2

Little girls with dreams
43. Little Girls With Dreams

You are under no obligation to be
44. You Are Under No Obligation To Be

Im not pretty for a big girl (2)
45. Im Not Pretty For A Big Girl

Keep curvy and carry on
46. Keep Curvy And Carry On

coffee in hand big girl
47. Coffee In Hand Big Girl

I don't apologize for not being a stick
48. I Don’t Apologize For Not Being A Stick

If you think im too big for you
49. If You Think Im Too Big For You

She's a big hearted girl with hips
50. She’s A Big Hearted Girl With Hips

You should never interrutpt
51. You Should Never Interrutpt

We do not accept big girl Barrie
52. We Do Not Accept Big Girl Barrie

Anybody can drive in a straight line it takes a real driver to handle the curves
53. Anybody Can Drive In A Straight Line It Takes A Real Driver To Handle The Curves

To all the girls that think you're fat because you're not a size
54. To All The Girls That Think You’re Fat Because You’re Not A Size

Thick thighs make the best ear
55. Thick Thighs Make The Best Ear

Stop wearing your wishbone where
56. Stop Wearing Your Wishbone Where

Life is so much more beautiful and complex
57. Life Is So Much More Beautiful And Complex

True love doesn't care what size you
58. True Love Doesn’t Care What Size You

Be confident in the skin you are in
59. Be Confident In The Skin You Are In

Put your big girl
60. Put Your Big Girl

Big girl panties required today
61. Big Girl Panties Required Today

Once upon a time you were a
62. Once Upon A Time You Were A

I don't need a knight
63. I Don’t Need A Knight

The only reason im fat is because a tiny body couldn
64. The Only Reason Im Fat Is Because A Tiny Body Couldn

If you don't have
65. If You Don’t Have

Curves are beautiful
66. Curves Are Beautiful

These big toyz little boyz
67. These Big Toyz Little Boyz

Big Girl Quotes and Quotations Collection

Thou shalt not stress
68. Thou Shalt Not Stress

If you can't stand the curves
69. If You Can’t Stand The Curves

keep calm and be curvylicious
70. Keep Calm And Be Curvylicious

The people who are the angriest
71. The People Who Are The Angriest

Put on your big girl pants and deal
72. Put On Your Big Girl Pants And Deal

Pray slay conquer the day
73. Pray Slay Conquer The Day

A real woman is whatever the hell
74. A Real Woman Is Whatever The Hell

Girls like
75. Girls Like

Suck it up buttercup
76. Suck It Up Buttercup

I love you with all my butt
77. I Love You With All My Butt

She's a big hearted girl with hips to match
78. She’s A Big Hearted Girl With Hips To Match

BEauty isn't measured in lbxs
79. Beauty Isn’t Measured In Lbxs

Im smart im funny im pretty
80. Im Smart Im Funny Im Pretty

I love being thick
81. I Love Being Thick

Inside me is a thin woman trying to get out
82. Inside Me Is A Thin Woman Trying To Get Out

You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful
83. You Don’t Have To Be Skinny To Be Beautiful

Big gril pride because good things dont
84. Big Gril Pride Because Good Things Dont

Never call a girl fat
85. Never Call A Girl Fat

Instead of wishing you were someon
86. Instead Of Wishing You Were Someon

More sleep more music
87. More Sleep More Music

Dont tell her she's pretty for a
88. Dont Tell Her She’s Pretty For A

Heat makes things expand so i
89. Heat Makes Things Expand So I

I am wear big girl panties
90. I Am Wear Big Girl Panties

Keep calm and hug the curves
91. Keep Calm And Hug The Curves

I am not pretty for a big girl period
92. I Am Not Pretty For A Big Girl Period

I hate when ur boobs
93. I Hate When Ur Boobs

Keep plus size and Big Girl Quotes
94. Keep Plus Size And

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