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The Fashion Industry has come

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Plus Size Quotes and Sayings Collection

1. The Fashion Industry Has Come

Pretty loyal unstoppable
2. Pretty Loyal Unstoppable

Although your weight may fluctuate
3. Although Your Weight May Fluctuate

A lot of poeple told me not to do this
4. A Lot Of Poeple Told Me Not To Do This

Your are braver than you believe stronger
5. Your Are Braver Than You Believe Stronger

When you are truly comfortable in your
6. When You Are Truly Comfortable In Your

I am allowed to look sexy
7. I Am Allowed To Look Sexy

The only thing i'm too big
8. The Only Thing I’M Too Big

Dear lord be good to the sea
9. Dear Lord Be Good To The Sea

Accept no rules denise bidot for
10. Accept No Rules Denise Bidot For

Your body is not wrong society is.
11. Your Body Is Not Wrong Society Is

I finally realized that being
12. I Finally Realized That Being

I just don't like that there is a division
13. I Just Don’T Like That There Is A Division

Enjoy you body use it
14. Enjoy You Body Use It

There is no cosmetic for beauty
15. There Is No Cosmetic For Beauty

I was really tired of words like plus size
16. I Was Really Tired Of Words Like Plus Size

To all the girls that think you're
17. To All The Girls That Think You’Re

Be fearless, be brave be bold
18. Be Fearless, Be Brave Be Bold

Boobs are proof that men can
19. Boobs Are Proof That Men Can

If you are confident you are
20. If You Are Confident You Are

Keep calm and be curvylicious
21. Keep Calm And Be Curvylicious

I was really tired of words like
22. I Was Really Tired Of Words Like

The people who are the
23. The People Who Are The

I finally figured out my body
24. I Finally Figured Out My Body

Instead of spending hours lamenting over
25. Instead Of Spending Hours Lamenting Over

The reality is i am fat.
26. The Reality Is I Am Fat

Every woman in every size has the
27. Every Woman In Every Size Has The

Fashion designers won't go past
28. Fashion Designers Won’T Go Past

Confidence is not the belief
29. Confidence Is Not The Belief

I have insecurities of course
30. I Have Insecurities Of Course

I think that whatever size or shape
31. I Think That Whatever Size Or Shape

Famous Plus Size Quotes

Confidence is the sexiest thing
32. Confidence Is The Sexiest Thing

Your clothes should be tight enough
33. Your Clothes Should Be Tight Enough

I got 99 problems but my curves
34. I Got 99 Problems But My Curves

I don't like the label plus size
35. I Don’T Like The Label Plus Size

78% if men would rather date a confident
36. 78% If Men Would Rather Date A Confident

Confessions of a thick chick
37. Confessions Of A Thick Chick

Comparions is th thief of joy
38. Comparions Is Th Thief Of Joy

People say, how is she a plus
39. People Say, How Is She A Plus

Beauty is not caused it is
40. Beauty Is Not Caused It Is

Yeah, i may never have a flat stomach or a thich gap or a
41. Yeah, I May Never Have A Flat Stomach Or A Thich Gap Or A

I'll never make anything that won't
42. I’Ll Never Make Anything That Won’T

I don't even know i was considered
43. I Don’T Even Know I Was Considered

People think plus size
44. People Think Plus Size

Negative self talk, negative
45. Negative Self Talk, Negative

Confidence is beautiful no matter your size
46. Confidence Is Beautiful No Matter Your Size

Loveing your body only when it's in
47. Loveing Your Body Only When It’S In

When life give you curves flaunt
48. When Life Give You Curves Flaunt

Why should i change something as
49. Why Should I Change Something As

Plus size fit provide all your full
50. Plus Size Fit Provide All Your Full

A woman's dress should be a like
51. A Woman’S Dress Should Be A Like

I have insecurities of course but i don't
52. I Have Insecurities Of Course But I Don’T

When you are truly comfortable in you
53. When You Are Truly Comfortable In You

Be stubborn About your goals.
54. Be Stubborn About Your Goals

Its not about the size you wear but the
55. Its Not About The Size You Wear But The

Be proud of who you are
56. E Proud Of Who You Are

I'm not pretty for a big girl
57. I’M Not Pretty For A Big Girl

The way you treat yourself
58. The Way You Treat Yourself

Happiness isn't size specific
59. Happiness Isn’T Size Specific

There is no wrong way to have a body
60. There Is No Wrong Way To Have A Body

I am pretty and intelligent. but not a size
61. I Am Pretty And Intelligent. But Not A Size

Its not about what size you wear. it's
62. Its Not About What Size You Wear. It’S

May belline mac melanin
63. May Belline Mac Melanin

Modelling is about beauty. but its also
64. Modelling Is About Beauty. But Its Also

Keep curvy and carry on
65. Keep Curvy And Carry On

Best Plus Size Quotes

You don't have to be skinny to be
66. You Don’T Have To Be Skinny To Be

I'm just trying to change the world
67. I’M Just Trying To Change The World

style is not a size it is
68. Style Is Not A Size It Is

Sexy is not a size every calorie is not a
69. Sexy Is Not A Size Every Calorie Is Not A

Anybody can drive in a straight line
70. Anybody Can Drive In A Straight Line

Life is so much more beautiful
71. Life Is So Much More Beautiful

Wear your curves proudly you are a
72. Wear Your Curves Proudly You Are A

Be confident in the skin you are in
73. Be Confident In The Skin You Are In

Confidence will make you happier than any
74. Confidence Will Make You Happier Than Any

I'm not fat god loves me so much
75. I’M Not Fat God Loves Me So Much

Curves are beautiful
76. Curves Are Beautiful

My life is full of drama and i won't
77. My Life Is Full Of Drama And I Won’T

Curvy is the new black.
78. Curvy Is The New Black.

Thick thighs and pretty eyes
79. Thick Thighs And Pretty Eyes

Plus size women when you're
80. Plus Size Women When You’Re

Real women are fat. and thin
81. Real Women Are Fat. And Thin

Once you figure out what respect tastes
82. Once You Figure Out What Respect Tastes

I 'm not going to apologize
83. I ‘M Not Going To Apologize

Big girl pride.. because good
84. Big Girl Pride.. Because Good

I think everthing in life is art
85. I Think Everthing In Life Is Art

Plus size women are very
86. Plus Size Women Are Very

Don't chase people. be yourself
87. Don’T Chase People. Be Yourself

When life gives you gurves
88. When Life Gives You Gurves

body confidence doesn't
89. Body Confidence Doesn’T

Don't talk, act don't say show
90. Don’T Talk, Act Don’T Say Show

I hate when ur boob starts falling out or
91. I Hate When Ur Boob Starts Falling Out Or

How to be more confident stop Plus Size Quotes
92. How To Be More Confident Stop

Keep calm and love your curves Plus Size Quotes
93. Keep Calm And Love Your Curves

Beauty isn't measured in ibs Plus Size Quotes
94. Beauty Isn’T Measured In Ibs

Intellectual intercourse Plus Size Quotes
95. Intellectual Intercourse

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