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96 Breaking Up Quotes and Quotations Gallery

If someone Breaks your heart just punch them
1. If Someone Breaks Your Heart Just Punch Them

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Breaking Up Quotes and Sayings Collection

Relationships are a lot
2. Relationships Are A Lot

The hardest part about
3. The Hardest Part About

Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by
4. Nothing Hurts More Than Being Disappointed By

If you break someone's heart and they still
5. If You Break Someone'S Heart And They Still

WE're not close
6. WE'Re Not Close

Even if we can't be
7. Even If We Can'T Be

When you break up
8. When You Break Up

I used to think you
9. I Used To Think You

So this guy only texts me or messages me when him and his
10. So This Guy Only Texts Me Or Messages Me When Him And His

I Don't think you
11. I Don'T Think You

You and i Were
12. You And I Were

I don't hate you im just disappointed
13. I Don'T Hate You Im Just Disappointed

What do you do when the one who
14. What Do You Do When The One Who

Cheer up sweet beautiful girl
15. Cheer Up Sweet Beautiful Girl

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The worst type of crying is the silent one
16. The Worst Type Of Crying Is The Silent One

I think the hardest kind of breakup is
17. I Think The Hardest Kind Of Breakup Is

Distance sometimes lets you
18. Distance Sometimes Lets You

While you try to justify
19. While You Try To Justify

I Never asked for a lot
20. I Never Asked For A Lot

Stop checking your phone he's not
21. Stop Checking Your Phone He'S Not

Touch her heart not her
22. Touch Her Heart Not Her

I miss the time when i actually meant
23. I Miss The Time When I Actually Meant

Don't lose yourself in attempt to hold onto
24. Don'T Lose Yourself In Attempt To Hold Onto

The BEst revenge is just moving on and
25. The Best Revenge Is Just Moving On And

Break up is like a broken mirror. it is
26. Break Up Is Like A Broken Mirror. It Is

I miss the time when i actually
27. I Miss The Time When I Actually

Crying over a guy nahh
28. Crying Over A Guy Nahh

don't cry when the sun
29. Don'T Cry When The Sun

Sometimes you must forget what you feel and
30. Sometimes You Must Forget What You Feel And

Girl i saw him today i wonder
31. Girl I Saw Him Today I Wonder

When a relationship ends it's
32. When A Relationship Ends It'S

Two people who broke up could never be
33. Two People Who Broke Up Could Never Be

96 Breaking Up Quotes and Quotations Gallery

I was the one who loved even though
34. I Was The One Who Loved Even Though

Break ups aren't always meant for
35. Break Ups Aren'T Always Meant For

I keep myself busy with things
36. I Keep Myself Busy With Things

Never lose yourself while trying to hold on
37. Never Lose Yourself While Trying To Hold On

Breakups hurt but losing someone
38. Breakups Hurt But Losing Someone

I never hate you for not loving
39. I Never Hate You For Not Loving

Sometimes justifying a breakup
40. Sometimes Justifying A Breakup

I'm letting go you let go a long
41. I'M Letting Go You Let Go A Long

so we ignore each other
42. So We Ignore Each Other

if you start to miss me remember
43. If You Start To Miss Me Remember

One day you're gonna remember me
44. One Day You'Re Gonna Remember Me

How stranger it is that after all that we are strangers
45. How Stranger It Is That After All That We Are Strangers

I don't hate you i m
46. I Don'T Hate You I M

If you can love the wrong person
47. If You Can Love The Wrong Person

That feeling you get in your stomach when your
48. That Feeling You Get In Your Stomach When Your

I fucking miss you all day
49. I Fucking Miss You All Day

Sometimes good things fall a part so better
50. Sometimes Good Things Fall A Part So Better

it's funny how someone can break your heart and you
51. It'S Funny How Someone Can Break Your Heart And You

I heard you're a player so
52. I Heard You'Re A Player So

So lets ignore each other try to
53. So Lets Ignore Each Other Try To

Boy i saw her today
54. Boy I Saw Her Today

And she'll continue to smile
55. And She'Ll Continue To Smile

Sometimes you need to give up on people not because you
56. Sometimes You Need To Give Up On People Not Because You

I like my relationships like i like
57. I Like My Relationships Like I Like

You didn't love her you just
58. You Didn'T Love Her You Just

Don't be afraid of losing someone who
59. Don'T Be Afraid Of Losing Someone Who

I Never hated a man enough to give
60. I Never Hated A Man Enough To Give

FAiled relationships can be
61. Failed Relationships Can Be

Be strong enough to let go and
62. Be Strong Enough To Let Go And

That feeling you get in your stomach when your (2)
63. That Feeling You Get In Your Stomach When Your

If you have to beg somepme to be
64. If You Have To Beg Somepme To Be

Hearts will never be practical
65. Hearts Will Never Be Practical

Breaking Up Quotes and Sayings

Just because i let you go
66. Just Because I Let You Go

DEAr brain sorry for overloading
67. Dear Brain Sorry For Overloading

He saw you he met you he wanted you he liked
68. He Saw You He Met You He Wanted You He Liked

Pain is inevitable
69. Pain Is Inevitable

So here's the deal
70. So Here'S The Deal

When you love someone it's never over you move on because
71. When You Love Someone It'S Never Over You Move On Because

Never get jealous when you see your
72. Never Get Jealous When You See Your

The hottest love has the coldest
73. The Hottest Love Has The Coldest

I think the hardest part of losing someone
74. I Think The Hardest Part Of Losing Someone

Love is unconditional relationship are not
75. Love Is Unconditional Relationship Are Not

sometimes two people have to fall
76. Sometimes Two People Have To Fall

I knw there'sw someone out there for me
77. I Knw There'Sw Someone Out There For Me

A person that truly loves you will
78. A Person That Truly Loves You Will

If i treated you the  way you
79. If I Treated You The Way You

I should never have cared but i did care
80. I Should Never Have Cared But I Did Care

Breaking Up Quotes Pictures

Over Over i tried and over & over
81. Over Over I Tried And Over &Amp; Over

The truth is im not mad at you i just hate
82. The Truth Is Im Not Mad At You I Just Hate

Never get jealous when you see your ex with someone else
83. Never Get Jealous When You See Your Ex With Someone Else

It hurts when the person that made you
84. It Hurts When The Person That Made You

My head says who cares
85. My Head Says Who Cares

If you can't figure out where you stand with someone it might
86. If You Can'T Figure Out Where You Stand With Someone It Might

Never allow someone to be your
87. Never Allow Someone To Be Your

I'm not a perfect girl i'll annoy you
88. I'M Not A Perfect Girl I'Ll Annoy You

Don't fuck with my feeling
89. Don'T Fuck With My Feeling

I had a lot of reasons to give
90. I Had A Lot Of Reasons To Give

Don't ever think a man loves you
91. Don'T Ever Think A Man Loves You

The first step toward getting
92. The First Step Toward Getting

The people that are quick to walk away
93. The People That Are Quick To Walk Away

I hope one day i'll pop up in your head and you'll think i shouldn't
94. I Hope One Day I'Ll Pop Up In Your Head And You'Ll Think I Shouldn'T

One day you're going
95. One Day You'Re Going

I never stopped caring but you did Breaking Up Quotes
96. I Never Stopped Caring But You Did

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