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90 Best My Man Quotes and Sayings Collection

I hope to always be
1. I Hope To Always Be

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My Man Quotes and Sayings Collection

I am permanenty in love with
2. I Am Permanenty In Love With
Dear boyfriend, i just wanted
3. Dear Boyfriend, I Just Wanted
Everytime you look at me
4. Everytime You Look At Me
My boyfriend is the best man i
5. My Boyfriend Is The Best Man I
I may not get to see you as
6. I May Not Get To See You As
Ask god to protect him physically
7. Ask God To Protect Him Physically
I choose to be kind because
8. I Choose To Be Kind Because
You wanna know who
9. You Wanna Know Who
I never needed a man.
10. I Never Needed A Man
Your man my man
11. Your Man My Man
You are the love of my
12. You Are The Love Of My
The best man you'll ever have isn't the best
13. The Best Man You’Ll Ever Have Isn’T The Best
Your smile. your eyes
14. Your Smile. Your Eyes
There are plenty of fish
15. There Are Plenty Of Fish
i feel like you
16. I Feel Like You
Its crazy, because i don't even know
17. Its Crazy, Because I Don’T Even Know
We're a team. whatever you
18. We’Re A Team. Whatever You

Love is not about sex,

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19. Love Is Not About Sex,
The couples that are meant
20. The Couples That Are Meant
I think my heart had to be
21. I Think My Heart Had To Be
It doesn't matter what
22. It Doesn’T Matter What
I want to see you every
23. I Want To See You Every
The truth i like you a lot
24. The Truth I Like You A Lot
You make me feel
25. You Make Me Feel
I feel like you're so
26. I Feel Like You’Re So
Sometimes i look at you and i wonder
27. Sometimes I Look At You And I Wonder
A real woman can handle
28. A Real Woman Can Handle
My boy of steel
29. My Boy Of Steel
Winning a woman's heart doesn't
30. Winning A Woman’S Heart Doesn’T

90 Best My Man Quotes and Sayings Collection

Great fucking sex, a good laugh,
31. Great Fucking Sex, A Good Laugh
A Real man Never hurts a woman
32. A Real Man Never Hurts A Woman
You are my love story,
33. You Are My Love Story,
Thank you my love, for
34. Thank You My Love, For
You're lying next to me
35. You’Re Lying Next To Me
The best relationship are the
36. The Best Relationship Are The
Be with someone who will take
37. Be With Someone Who Will Take
Real men never stop trying to
38. Real Men Never Stop Trying To
When you get a taste of a real man
39. When You Get A Taste Of A Real Man
Thank you to the men
40. Thank You To The Men

A real man gives his lady
41. A Real Man Gives His Lady
Thank you.. for staying
42. Thank You.. For Staying
I know you love me because
43. I Know You Love Me Because
Words fall short when ever i
44. Words Fall Short When Ever I
Yeah, i know he's cute but
45. Yeah, I Know He’S Cute But
You are.. my love my
46. You Are.. My Love My
I may not get to see you as often
47. I May Not Get To See You As Often
My babe, is my babe
48. My Babe, Is My Babe
I remember the first day i
49. I Remember The First Day I
Don't look at my boyfriend
50. Don’T Look At My Boyfriend
Sometimes the bad things that
51. Sometimes The Bad Things That
When i first met you, i honestly didn't
52. When I First Met You, I Honestly Didn’T
I can't picture life with anyone
53. I Can’T Picture Life With Anyone
I'm amazed when i look at you
54. I’M Amazed When I Look At You
There's a reason why two people stay
55. There’S A Reason Why Two People Stay

Every girl loves those random
56. Every Girl Loves Those Random
Your smile is literally the cutest
57. Your Smile Is Literally The Cutest
Don't look at my boyfriend don't touch him
58. Don’T Look At My Boyfriend Don’T Touch Him
There's nothing sexier than a man
59. There’S Nothing Sexier Than A Man
When you get a taste of a
60. When You Get A Taste Of A
I pinky promise i will love you forever
61. I Pinky Promise I Will Love You Forever
I've fallen for your laugh, which is utterly
62. I’Ve Fallen For Your Laugh, Which Is Utterly
I knew right aways that you were it for
63. I Knew Right Aways That You Were It For
I appreciate you more because
64. I Appreciate You More Because
So there's this guy and the way he smiles makes me smile
65. So There’S This Guy And The Way He Smiles Makes Me Smile

Best My Man Quotes

Keep calm cuz i love my man
66. Keep Calm Cuz I Love My Man
I have completely fallen for you
67. I Have Completely Fallen For You
thank you for reminding me what
68. Thank You For Reminding Me What
I am scared of losing you but then
69. I Am Scared Of Losing You But Then
She stuck a bookmark in my heart
70. She Stuck A Bookmark In My Heart
I have a man who loves me without restriction, trusts
71. I Have A Man Who Loves Me Without Restriction, Trusts
And you sir, you're very attractive
72. And You Sir, You’Re Very Attractive
Our journey isn't perfect
73. Our Journey Isn’T Perfect
I may not be your first date
74. I May Not Be Your First Date
I love my crazy goofy
75. I Love My Crazy Goofy
I loooooove physical affections.
76. I Loooooove Physical Affections
His smell his voice his eyes his hair
77. His Smell His Voice His Eyes His Hair
And there's this boy, and the way he laughs makes me smileq
78. And There’S This Boy, And The Way He Laughs Makes Me Smile
Don't lose a girl that has seen
79. Don’T Lose A Girl That Has Seen
He's my bestfriend my
80. He’S My Bestfriend My

I take you to be my
81. I Take You To Be My
I love my man
82. I Love My Man
I want to be the girl
83. I Want To Be The Girl
I ll never get tired of you
84. I Ll Never Get Tired Of You
I fell for you unexpectdly
85. I Fell For You Unexpectdly

That person who enters

Love Quotes – That person who enters your life out of nowhere, and suddenly means the world to you.

86. That Person Who Enters
He calls me beautiful like My Man Quotes
87. He Calls Me Beautiful Like
cause even if shit get My Man Quotes
88. Cause Even If Shit Get
i'm not the jealous type, but My Man Quotes
89. I’M Not The Jealous Type, But
he calls me beautiful like it's my name My Man Quotes
90. He Calls Me Beautiful Like It’S My Name

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