Long Distance Relationship Quotes

97 Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes and Pictures

I know our paths will
1. I Know Our Paths Will

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Long Distance Relationship Quotes and Sayings Collection

Distance is not for the fearful
2. Distance Is Not For The Fearful

Distance never separates two hearts
3. Distance Never Separates Two Hearts

And one by one, the nights
4. And One By One, The Nights

The best and most beautiful things
5. The Best And Most Beautiful Things

One day, i'll be able to wake
6. One Day, I’Ll Be Able To Wake

Nice Long Distance Relationship Quotes
7. Nice Long Distance Relationship Quotes

I know this is difficult but i will
8. I Know This Is Difficult But I Will

How Lucky i am to have
9. How Lucky I Am To Have

I may be thousands of miles away
10. I May Be Thousands Of Miles Away

I'm jealous of people who get to see
11. I’M Jealous Of People Who Get To See

No matter how painful
12. No Matter How Painful

I want to talk to you all the time
13. I Want To Talk To You All The Time

A long ditance relationship can only
14. A Long Ditance Relationship Can Only

Come here so i can love you
15. Come Here So I Can Love You

Distance rever separates two hearts
16. Distance Rever Separates Two Hearts

Sometimse i get really upset
17. Sometimse I Get Really Upset

I wonder why people still underestimate
18. I Wonder Why People Still Underestimate

Years from now, our past will be a stroy
19. Years From Now, Our Past Will Be A Story

Never give up on somthing you really want
20. Never Give Up On Somthing You Really Want

distance is just a test to seehow far love
21. Distance Is Just A Test To Seehow Far Love

One day we will wake up side by
22. One Day We Will Wake Up Side By

24 specially selected quotes to
23. 24 Specially Selected Quotes To

The few hours i spend
24. The Few Hours I Spend

I believe in the immeasurable
25. I Believe In The Immeasurable

When two people are meant for
26. When Two People Are Meant For

I exist in two places, here
27. I Exist In Two Places, Here

Together forever never apart
28. Together Forever Never Apart

Love is needing someone love is putting up
29. Love Is Needing Someone Love Is Putting Up

I wont give up on you..
30. I Wont Give Up On You..

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The strongest love is the love
31. The Strongest Love Is The Love

I just wanna
32. I Just Wanna

One day i can going to wake up
33. One Day I Can Going To Wake Up

Love cannot be measured by how
34. Love Cannot Be Measured By How

Promise Long Distance Relationship Quotes
35. Promise Long Distance Relationship Quotes

We will survive though
36. We Will Survive Though

Every minute feels like an hour
37. Every Minute Feels Like An Hour

The pain of parting is nothing
38. The Pain Of Parting Is Nothing

When two hearts are meant for each
39. When Two Hearts Are Meant For Each

A good relationship is when
40. A Good Relationship Is When

Before i fall a sleep i always picture
41. Before I Fall A Sleep I Always Picture

Distance doesn't ruin a relationship
42. Distance Doesn’T Ruin A Relationship

Long distance relationship
43. Long Distance Relationship

Here in my heart, that is where you will be
44. Here In My Heart, That Is Where You Will Be

Together forever never apart. maybe
45. Together Forever Never Apart. Maybe

I'll hold you in my heart
46. I’Ll Hold You In My Heart

Forget all the reasons why
47. Forget All The Reasons Why

Distance doesn't matter
48. Distance Doesn’T Matter

Every night i pray, I'll have you
49. Every Night I Pray, I’Ll Have You

You're worth every mile
50. You’Re Worth Every Mile

The scariest thing about distance is you
51. The Scariest Thing About Distance Is You

Distance between two hearts is not
52. Distance Between Two Hearts Is Not

We are the perfect couple
53. We Are The Perfect Couple

Every night before i fall asleep
54. Every Night Before I Fall Asleep

In the end you should always do the
55. In The End You Should Always Do The

No matter how painful distance
56. No Matter How Painful Distance

I turned out liking you a lot more
57. I Turned Out Liking You A Lot More

Distance is a test of love many will fail for
58. Distance Is A Test Of Love Many Will Fail For

I hate waiting but if waiting
59. I Hate Waiting But If Waiting

Long distance love sunrise in
60. Long Distance Love Sunrise In

The longer you wait for
61. The Longer You Wait For

Long distance relationships
62. Long Distance Relationships

I love how being in a long
63. I Love How Being In A Long

You're special to me.
64. You’Re Special To Me

I fell in love with you not for
65. I Fell In Love With You Not For

Miles can't separate two hearts
66. Miles Can’T Separate Two Hearts

Good night, hope to meet
67. Good Night, Hope To Meet

I can't wait for the day that
68. I Can’T Wait For The Day That

Distance means so little
69. Distance Means So Little

Distance is not for the fearful
70. Distance Is Not For The Fearful

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They knew it. time distance
71. They Knew It. Time Distance

What's the difference. i asked him
72. What’S The Difference. I Asked Him

I want all of you
73. I Want All Of You

There are four words better than i love
74. There Are Four Words Better Than I Love

I can't wait for the day where i get
75. I Can’T Wait For The Day Where I Get

To gether forever, never apart. sometimes
76. To Gether Forever, Never Apart. Sometimes

I keep my self busy with
77. I Keep My Self Busy With

Being in his arms.. that
78. Being In His Arms.. That

Where you are is where i want to be
79. Where You Are Is Where I Want To Be

Love will travel as for you
80. Love Will Travel As For You

We are the perfect couple we're
81. We Are The Perfect Couple We’Re

Distance give us a reason to love
82. Distance Give Us A Reason To Love

We 're a team. whatever you look
83. We ‘Re A Team. Whatever You Look

I have completely fallen for you.
84. I Have Completely Fallen For You

No mountain nor sea.
85. No Mountain Nor Sea

Distance never sparates two people
86. Distance Never Sparates Two People

I want all of you, for ever
87. I Want All Of You, For Ever

I'm jealous of people who get
88. I’M Jealous Of People Who Get

The longer the wait the
89. The Longer The Wait The

Love distance
90. Love Distance

Inconveniently the most effective way to
91. Inconveniently The Most Effective Way To

Its not going to be easy
92. Its Not Going To Be Easy

Your voice is my
93. Your Voice Is My

Dear you, i may be thousands of
94. Dear You, I May Be Thousands Of

We won't be separated forever so until
95. We Won’T Be Separated Forever So Until

One day the plane ticket Long Distance Relationship Quotes
96. One Day The Plane Ticket

I wish i could copy and paste Long Distance Relationship Quotes
97. I Wish I Could Copy And Paste

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